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News for colleagues within the LCCOS department.


UCL LCCOS Staff Summer School 2023 – bookings now open

By Angela Young, on 26 May 2023

The UCL LCCOS Staff Summer School (formerly UCL Library Services Staff Summer School) is a series of training and development sessions, events and online activities aimed at staff from across UCL LCCOS, to support their ability to answer enquiries and to provide support, training and advocacy to users and stakeholders. Sessions are generally delivered by colleagues, so we can share our expertise.

The programme this year has a variety of sessions, running throughout June and July:

For full details of the programme and to book your place(s), see the UCL LCCOS Staff Summer School calendar. Presentations, accompanying links and materials and recordings (where applicable) will be made available on the UCL LCCOS Staff Summer School Moodle Course. If you do not already have access, please get the enrolment key. Sessions are open to all UCL Library Services staff, with approval from your line manager.

Graduating Slade student sites degree show in UCL Libraries: Index by Adam Lazarus

By L ( Elizabeth ) Lawes, on 22 May 2023

The current Slade BA / BFA Fine Art degree shows include a work by graduating student Adam Lazarus in the form of a multi-location installation, sited across the Slade studios and various UCL Libraries.

The first part of the work is a library shelf mark screen printed on a studio wall in the Slade building*, indicating the precise location of a permanent installation in the Main Library in the form of an artists’ book which has been catalogued and processed as an ordinary addition to the collections. The publication itself indexes the titles and shelf marks of 84 books in various collections into which Adam has placed small ink drawings – place markers that evoke his interaction with the books during his time at UCL. For the duration of the degree show, visitors can access the Main Library and engage with the artwork within the space; they can choose to follow the trail to any number of the small drawings placed in the indexed titles. Library members will be able to interact with the work on an ongoing basis.

Adam says of Index: ‘The work pays homage to the library as a generative site, a sort of second studio for me, and thus bridges our histories before I depart from UCL. It encourages the nourishing searching and browsing which occurs in library spaces, a process which is becoming increasingly obsolete. The chosen volumes were compiled organically after I came across a list kept by the Library database of nearly every physical book which I checked out during my time here (omitting Covid,) a log of physical and metaphysical travels through the library.’

More by Adam Lazarus:

Adam Lazarus, degree showcase

Purgatories and Potentials: Mike Nelson’s An Invocation: 530 Books from Southend Central Library (dissertation)

* A duplicate screen print of the text “- -Index / Adam Lazarus, UCL Main Library Art Quartos MU 19 LAZ” can be found in the Main Library between ART KF 19 / KI 19 and ART KI 19 / KN 15.

New LCCOS Staff Wellbeing Training Website

By Michelle Wake, on 22 May 2023

On behalf of the LCCOS Staff Wellbeing Committee I am pleased to share with you the LCCOS Staff Wellbeing Training Opportunities website.

This site details a range of training opportunities for use by individuals or in group sessions, e.g.it includes readings or activities that could be used as an item of discussion in team meetings.

This is very much an ongoing project and the LCCOS Wellbeing Committee is keen to have your input.  Please do get in touch and feedback on the resources and/or how you have incorporated them into your training sessions, via the website’s comments boxes or by emailing me at m.wake@ucl.ac.uk.  Additionally, please feel very free to make suggestions of any other resources or subjects which you recommend being added to this skeleton list.


Michelle Wake

Site Libraries Manager and Senior Librarian, UCL School of Pharmacy,

UCL Library Services

LCCOS-Library, Culture, Collections & Open Science


Facilities & Projects Team Blog – Student Centre Fixed Wire Testing

By Collette E M Lawrence, on 19 May 2023

Student Centre Fixed Wire testing in June 2023

Some of you may already be aware, as this has taken place on some of our LCCOS sites already, we are currently working with Estates colleagues to carry out essential fixed wire testing across the UCL community. These tests are to ensure that all distribution boards, data facilities, electric circuits, power, and lighting are working correctly and meet legal requirements.

As part of the ongoing Estates fixed wire testing, the program has now reached the Student Centre.

From Thursday 1st – Friday 9th June 2023, the Student Centre will be having testing taking place, for health and safety reasons, and to try and minimise disruption to staff and students, due to sporadic loss of power and lighting please be aware of this if you are working in the areas of testing on the specific days.

In an attempt to try and minimise disruption for staff and students the F&P team have been working hard to plan these essential works with Estates and the contractors, HMC Compliance Limited. And have split the testing into floors and sections, as best we could.

We apologies for any inconvenience caused by these works and we appreciate your continued support and patience.

Contact us

If you have any issues or queries regarding this, please contact the LCCOS Facilities & Projects Team. Our team information can be found at the following link Facilities & Project Team.

LCCOS Strategy website launch

By Bethan Smith, on 16 May 2023

We are pleased to launch the new LCCOS Strategy website.  This SharePoint site is a space to collect and store all relevant documents and news related to the strategy development process. It is a live site which will be regularly updated with key information as the process of shaping the LCCOS Strategy continues.

At present, the site contains useful sections to provide more context to the LCCOS Strategy, including an outline of the strategy roadmap, a page of useful links to other UCL strategies, and a consultation section which will outline future opportunities to contribute to the process, as well as reflecting on consultation periods completed so far.

On the LCCOS Strategy site, the latest news item highlights the summary of feedback from the recent LCCOS staff consultation period, in March and April of this year.

If you have any questions about the SharePoint, or the LCCOS Strategy in general, please email the LCCOS Strategy Working Group.


Facilities & Projects RemedyForce forms quick links

By Jay Woodhouse, on 4 May 2023

The LibNet Facilities & Project page have been updated with new quick links for the RemedyForce forms. These links should make it easier to access the service required and find the correct form.

We understand RemedyForce is not always the easiest to navigate and are looking to improve ease of access. If you have any suggestions for improvement or wish to highlight issues, please e-mail Jay Woodhouse directly.

UCL LCCOS Staff Summer School 2023 – help shape it!

By Angela Young, on 3 May 2023

We are now putting together the programme for the UCL LCCOS Staff Summer School 2023 (formerly UCL Library Services Staff Summer School) and are reaching out to colleagues to help shape it.
If you haven’t engaged with our Summer School before, it is a series of training and professional development events open to all LCCOS staff but particularly aimed at staff who engage directly with our users to provide training and support, to help develop their knowledge and skills so that they are better able to undertake these activities. Sessions are usually delivered by colleagues, sharing the knowledge and expertise we have across LCCOS, and some may be aimed at staff supporting particular disciplines.

The Summer School takes place during June and July, with a mixture of live online events that will be recorded, and face to face events.

Recordings and materials from previous years of the Summer School are available on the UCL LCCOS Staff Summer School Moodle course.

Please help shape this year’s Summer School by completing our suggestion form by 17 May 2023. You can also use the suggestion form to request the enrolment key for the Moodle course, if you don’t already have access.

LCCOS teams win Nearby Nature Spring Competition

By simon.bralee.15, on 28 April 2023

The Main Library, Institute of Archaeology Library and IOE Library were all top ten winning teams in the Nearby Nature Spring Competition.

The Main Library team won first place after submitting a total of 48 locations.

The three teams now have access to £100 to spend on something to improve wellbeing and/or sustainability in their areas.

Carmen de Paz, from the Main Library, said

“I was very happy to participate and share my favourite nature spots in London. I have also started visiting the places suggested by other groups and I have joined some local walks.”

Nicholas Bieber, from the Institute of Archaeology Library, said:

“The Nearby Nature campaign was a great idea, I like to go for walks on my breaks, and the competition got me to explore places I might not otherwise have reached. The result is a really useful resource to find some wonderful spots to eat lunch and add to walks.”

The UCL Nearby Nature map now has over 400 locations which have been added by members of the UCL community. The app has been viewed over 11,000 times.

The Occupational Health and Wellbeing team are currently organising a series of walks led by UCL colleagues.

The portico in the back ground, in the foreground trees and above the pale blue skies

Portico: surrounded by nature.

Facilities & Projects Team Blog – Meeting room updates  

By Collette E M Lawrence, on 5 April 2023

Meeting room updates: Please see below important information with regards to the availability of the following rooms:

  • Room 115 in Wilkins Building, this room is now available to book 5 days a week.
  • Room 106 in Science Library will not be available from 30th May 2023 – 25th September 2023. This is due to AHRC funded project taking place in Petrie Museum, and this room has been booked out to support this refurbishment project.

If you have any issues or queries regarding this, please contact the Library Facilities & Projects Team. Our team information can be found at the following link Facilities & Projects Team

eXperience eXchange 2023 – bookings now open

By Angela Young, on 30 March 2023

Bookings are now open for the 2023 LCCOS eXperience eXchange, which will take place online on MS Teams on Thursday 25 May 10.00 – 12.00.

eXperience eXchange – what happens?

experience exchange logoLCCOS colleagues come together to share ideas and good practice about teaching or training design and delivery, academic engagement and support activities through short presentations or other activities.

How does it work?

Colleagues from across LCCOS are invited to give short presentations or teaching activities (5-20 mins) to exchange their experiences an any aspect of their work relating to teaching or training design and delivery, academic engagement or other support activities. This may include feedback from events or training you’ve attended, something new you’ve tried in your work, an idea you might have and would value some peer input, or simply giving colleagues an insight into your role and activities.

The event this year will also include Lessons from LILAC, a report by colleagues who are attending this year’s LILAC: The information literacy conference.

Why get involved?

There are many benefits to being part of the eXperience eXchange, including:

  • bringing colleagues together to give everyone a better understanding of activities happening across LCCOS.
  • benefiting colleagues who may be inspired by your experiences to inform their work.
  • an opportunity to get input and feedback from colleagues to help you develop your ideas.
  • a development opportunity which can provide evidence for an application for HEA fellowship or on job applications, giving opportunity to give a presentation or deliver a short teaching activity in a safe space with a friendly audience, and for sharing best practice with colleagues.
  • an opportunity to try out new teaching activities or tools, including tools for presenting online, such as polls, breakout rooms and whiteboard features.
  • an opportunity to gain inspiration from the work of your peers.

What is the format of the presentations?

This year we invite contributions in one of three formats:

  • A short presentation (5-10 mins)
  • PechaKucha (20 slides of 20 seconds each)
  • A longer presentation or activity (15-20 mins – allows time for more in depth presentations or opportunity for interactivity and input from colleagues).

If you’d rather not present, you can attend as an attendee only, but remember that the event depends on contributions.

How do I sign up?

Simply complete the registration form. We will send you the link to join and liaise with you over your contribution.