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New Open Science resources

By Paul Ayris, on 27 September 2022

Open Science strides forward

For the start of the academic year, the UCL Office for Open Science has prepared two outputs which can be used for training. These will be of interest to those starting on their Open Science/Scholarship journey and for early career researchers.

The first is a video, produced with funding from Research England, which introduces the concept of Open Science/Scholarship to those new to the idea. It lasts for some 40 minutes and describes the 8 pillars of Open Science, by which the concept of Openness is defined in Europe. The video can be seen on our Open Science web pages. Each section is introduced by a member of UCL staff. At the end of the video is a short Quiz, which we invite all viewers to take, to test their knowledge and understanding of Open Science/Scholarship. The Quiz returns a score for you at the end of the session, which is confidential to the individual viewer. I encourage you to watch the video and then to take the Quiz as part of your in-house training. The whole session would take just 40 minutes.

The second resource which the UCL Office for Open Science is providing is a Guide to Open Science/Scholarship for early career researchers. It has been produced with input and a scholarly Preface from the UCL Doctoral School. The Guide is closely based on a French original, which has been adapted with permission to suit the UK Higher Education sector. It is a remarkably clear introduction, easy to grasp by research students and early career researchers, librarians and Professional Services staff, at whom it is aimed.


Finally, today (27 September) was the day I helped deliver chapter 38 of the series Focus on Open Science webinars, once again with funding from the Cities Programme from UCL Global Engagement.

Today’s webinar was conducted in partnership with the University of Nanterre in Paris. I spoke for 20 minutes about the UCL Office for Open Science and how we co-ordinate activity in UCL across all 8 pillars of Open Science.  The extended Q&A session at the end of the day offered many questions on the undoubted success of UCL Press, which I gave as an exemplar of change at a European level. The University of Lorraine is converting its traditional Press into an OA Press. I look forward to exchanges with them on Best Practice in OA publishing as their work progresses.

I wish all my colleagues in LCCOS (Library, Culture, Collections, and Open Science) the best at the start of the new academic session. I am proud and privileged to be here and working with you all.

Paul Ayris

Pro-Vice-Provost LCCOS

Access to intranet and blog for all LCCOS staff

By Margaret Stone, on 22 September 2022

LCCOS Intranet

All LCCOS colleagues now have access to the former Library Services intranet, LibNet.  Login is not required on the homepage itself, but is required on all other pages.  This access is an interim measure while a new LCCOS intranet is being developed.  Access is granted (and removed) automatically to all staff in the LCCOS organisational unit and its sub-units.

The site contains information of relevance to all LCCOS colleagues, particularly information and contact points for teams providing HR, Finance, IT and Facilities & Projects services.  Please note that other content on the site may not be widely relevant to all LCCOS colleagues – please bear with any remaining Library Services focus while a new, separate, LCCOS intranet is being developed.    Further information will follow about this project in due course.  The ‘LibNet’ name will be retained during the interim period as it is ‘baked into’ the technology.  If you have any queries about the information on the site, please direct these either to the contact provided in the section in question or via your line manager.

LCCOS Staff News blog

In addition, the former Library Services blog has been widened to include content for the whole of LCCOS in its scope.  This has been renamed ‘LCCOS Staff News’ (though the URL has to remain as /libnet for now).  All LCCOS staff are entitled to post to this channel – for posting access, please contact the LCCOS Web Team.  The purpose of the blog is to provide a channel for all LCCOS staff to communicate with one another on matters of widespread/general interest, in such a way that communications are archived and searchable.  This complements the LCCOS staff mailing list, which is used for time-critical updates.  A wider review of LCCOS internal communications is planned, but meanwhile the blog is not intended to replace existing channels of communication amongst teams and groups within LCCOS, for example existing Microsoft Teams/SharePoint sites/mailing lists.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Providing notification of new blog posts

Library Services colleagues will recall that blog posts were previously notified automatically to the liblist mailing list.  This process was not robust and has therefore been discontinued.  All staff are encouraged to post a short notification manually to the LCCOS staff mailing list when they have published a new blog post.  This email should have a meaningful subject line, a brief (one paragraph max) overview of the topic and a link to the blog post itself.  This way, all colleagues are notified of the information but can revisit it subsequently without having to rely on keeping or retrieving an email.  An example is provided below.

Please note that the blog is public (as UCL blogs cannot be restricted for access), so any restricted information should be stored on LibNet instead and a link provided in the blog post.  For example, in this blog post you will notice that there are no email addresses provided explicitly, to help reduce spam.

Please direct any general queries about access to and use of these services to the LCCOS Web Team who oversee the technology.

Example notification of a new blogpost

To: All LCCOS Staff

From: Margaret Stone

Subject: New process for notification of blog posts

Content: Please note that we have introduced a new process for notifying LCCOS colleagues of new blog posts as they are published.  For more information, please see the new blog post.


Main Library first floor lobby entrance painting works

By Phil Watson, on 21 September 2022

Please be advised that from 09:00 this morning, the 21st September 2022, the first floor lobby area, Main Library entrance, there will be the completion to the painting works taking place.

The painting will only take place on the side of the exhibition case, meaning the works will not impact on the entrance, the lift, or restrict access in any way, and opening hours will remain as per usual.

The works will take 2-3 hours to complete and will be non-intrusive.

We apologise for the short notice to these essential works, if you do experience any issues in relation to this project, please do not hesitate in contacting a member of the F&P team and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Library communications over summer

By simon.bralee.15, on 13 September 2022

Updates about comms from across Library Services.

Helping students

Comms Calendar

The first iteration of the Library Comms Calendar 2022-23 is now available on LibNet.

Please check it and get in touch if there is anything coming up in your sections this term.

New posters and library maps

Daniel Kordik created a series of new posters for library sites starring library colleagues and a student ambassador. You can see the posters and onelan screens in all libraries from 26 September. We have also printed out library maps with all 17 sites, including One Pool Street in UCL East.

Campaigns in Summer

Colleagues were very busy over the summer months:

South Asian Heritage Month (18 July – 17 August)

The Library Liberating the Collections Group and Campaigns Group sought book recommendations from across the UCL Community to create a book list to celebrate South Asian Heritage Month.

South East Asian Heritage Month (September)

We’re also asking the UCL community to share their book recommendations for East and South East Asian Heritage month which takes place from September.

Green Spaces (22 August – 09 September)

We ran a very light well being focused campaign on social media during the Late Summer Assessments to encourage students to take a screen break from libraries. Although it might seem counter-intuitive to encourage our users to leave our library spaces, it’s not only good for wellbeing but it’s a big draw to have a space which you can focus in and then leave for a short break.

If you missed it

How do you cram all the key information about a library site into 30 seconds of film? You have to be very fast! As this video from the UCL Libraries TikTok shows:


#ucl #ucllibrary #uclgosh #running #library #london #university #books

♬ Let’s go – Official Sound Studio

(The department’s TikTok account is managed by Amad Uddin and Sofina Lias from the Social Media Task and Finsih Group. If you would like to get involved with it or feature a service or space on it, please contact them. It has been agreed to only have one TikTok account for the moment. No other accounts should be set up in the meantime.)

Most read ‘Library News’ articles

Updates from the comms sub-groups

Three sub-groups help coordinate comms activities across Library Services.

Open Days Group

Published a new video in time for the July Open Days starring student ambassadors. A big thanks to the Finance team for their support with this.

Campaigns Group

Planned campaigns for 2022-23, including a new ‘Find your library’ campaign to take place in the second half of term 2. The centre piece of this will be a new web tool created by Jonathan Fowles, Gillian Mackenzie and Chris Carrington. We will also promote spaces through student reviews and TikTok videos.

Social Media group

Finalised new guidance document and metrics tool which will be published on LibNet shortly, planned and led Twitter and Instagram training.

Comms campaigns coming up in Term 1

  • Getting Started (Coordinated by the Library Induction Group) (26 September – 11 November)
  • Open Access Week (Coordinated by the Office for Open Science) (24 – 30 October)
  • Find your library (12 November – 18 December)
  • Black History Month (October)
  • Knowvember (November)
  • UK Disability History Month (18 November – 18 December)

If you have any questions about comms, please get in touch with Simon Bralee.


Online Payments Additional Training and Dashboard

By Bethan Smith, on 12 September 2022

Following on from the launch of our online payments portal, we would like to inform colleagues of the availability of additional, post go-live online payments training sessions, as well as highlight the new online payments dashboard. 

Additional Training Sessions 

For the benefit of colleagues who did not have the chance to attend a training session prior to go-live, over the next few weeks we will be hosting more online payment training sessions.  

These training sessions will recap the same content covered in the live training sessions prior to the launch of the online payments platform, as well as the online payments training document which is available here 

Please note that these additional sessions are designed for colleagues who could not attend any of the previous training slots, or colleagues who feel they need a refresher. 

You can sign up to a training session via the following Eventbrite links: 

Online Payments Dashboard 

We would also like to inform colleagues that a new dashboard has been made available in Alma to display information about fines and fees.

The Online Payments dashboard will allow staff to view fines and fees over a custom period of time and will allow you to filter the results by payment method and library. This dashboard can be used for your local reporting needs and is accessed in the usual manner by viewing ‘reports’ in the analytics section of the main Alma menu.  

Colleagues who are unable to see the dashboard but require access can request this by contacting Bethan Smith 

Painting of Main Library lobby area

By Phil Watson, on 9 September 2022

We have received an update from the contractors, who are currently carrying out the painting works of the Main Library stairwell.

We have been informed that the first floor lobby space, and lift entrance, by the main doors to the library, now requires painting, fully, including the ceilings and arch at the top of the stairs.

Without impacting on opening hours, this will be carried out in three sections.

On Saturday the 10th September, between 07:00-11:00, while the library is closed, the lift entrance, walls and ceiling on that half of the lobby, will be painted.

Following that, on Sunday the 11th September between 07:00-11:00, while the library is closed, the second half of the lobby will be painted, walls, ceiling, and arch over the stairs.

Then on Monday the 12th & Tuesday the 13th September, the lower skirting and lower walls will be painted, away from the entrance, within the recess areas, including behind the exhibition case, this may occur while the library is open, but it will not impact on the entrance area or the library itself, so opening hours will remain as normal.

These essential works are to assist us in ensuring our library spaces are at the highest level possible and to embrace the student experience.

These works will have no impact on the library or opening hours, but if you do experience any issues, please do contact one of the F&P team and we will be happy to assist you.

Induction 2022 update – Confirming your contribution

By Angela Young, on 7 September 2022

There are just weeks remaining until the start of term and we are excited about welcoming new and returning students to campus from with our various, face to face induction activities.

All LCCOS colleagues, regardless of role or grade, are invited to sign up to a particular slot to support an activity. Please just enter your name in the Induction Taskforce Scheduling spreadsheet (contact Angela Young if you do not currently have access). It is a fantastic opportunity to meet and work with other colleagues from across LCCOS, to broaden your experience of providing support to students and to develop or enhance your professional skills.

We need your help with:

  • Support Services Fair: Help staff a stand, promote our services and answer questions. (1 hr shifts, Mon 26, Tue 27, Wed 28 September, 10.30-15.00, South Cloisters).
  • ‘Getting Started’ spaces in Main and Science libraries: Meet and greet students. (1 hr shifts, Mon – Fri, 10.00-16.00)
  • Explore demonstrations: Drop-in demonstrations of Explore with searching activities for students. A great opportunity to deliver or support a short teaching session. (Mon – Fri, 12.00 and 12.30, Science Library cluster room).

Rail strikes in induction week

News that industrial action is planned by rail workers Monday 26 – Tuesday 27 September, the start of induction week, is not dampening our spirits but may affect our scheduling of staff supporting induction activities.

We are now particularly encouraging any colleagues who are not dependent on trains to get to campus to get involved with meeting, greeting and supporting our students on Monday 26 and Tuesday 27.

If you have already signed up, we now ask you to please review your confirmed slots:

  • If you now will not be able to get to campus on Monday or Tuesday, please consider covering slots later in the week.
  • If you will endeavour to get to work on Monday and Tuesday, but cannot guarantee you will be successful, please move your name to the ‘Possibly’ column on the spreadsheet.
  • If you are not affected by train strikes, please consider helping particularly on Monday and Tuesday.
  • If slots are already taken at the time you are available, please indicate this on the spreadsheet as other colleagues may be flexible and happy to swap.

How will I know what’s involved?

We are holding Induction Taskforce briefings on the following dates and times, so colleagues will be fully prepared.

  • Friday 16 September 14.00-14.50 (online)
  • Monday 19 September 10.00-10.50 (online)
  • Tuesday 20 September 14.00-14.50 (face to face, Room 417, Science Library)

You only need to attend one briefing. Please contact Angela Young for more information or to attend a briefing.
Thanks everyone for your support and contribution.

UCL East Count Down – Library Support & Induction

By Craig A Martin, on 5 September 2022

As we are approaching the final couple of weeks before we open the doors and meet new students, this is my opportunity to explain a little about the work which has been done in preparation relating to library support and induction at UCL East.

Over the past few months, we have been busy preparing resources to support students, with the exciting new postgraduate programmes that will be launching.  UCL East will initially have a ‘Click and Collect’ Service, for the first year with no physical library until 2023, when the Marshgate building opens, which Igho discussed in his blog post a few weeks ago.  This has led us to think creativity about resource provision for students.

I have been working closely with Course Programme Leads, Acquisitions, e-Resources and TLS to ensure we have as many online materials as possible to support items on reading lists – if these are eBooks, journals, databases, or digitised resources, as well as establishing links with Special Collections about the support they can provide.  Working with TLS, we have run information sessions to support new colleagues at UCL East to curate their reading lists, and to understand some of the features of Reading Lists@UCL.

The Library will be having a presence at the induction fair at UCL East on 30th September to meet and greet new students and advise them about the services available to them, so please do come along and say hello if you’re on campus.  Induction sessions have been planned for the first few weeks as well as the start of integrated library skills support, woven into programmes to support students throughout their studies.  We have spent time, as part of the Induction Working Group to ensure webpages have been updated, to incorporate UCL East to help students feel they are fully part of the UCL community.  With so many of the programmes being uniquely multi-disciplinary, this has involved collaboration with other Subject Liaison Librarians and Site Librarians to draw upon their expertise and specialist knowledge.

Craig Martin
Subject Liaison Librarian, UCL East

Student Centre deep cleaning of carpets

By Phil Watson, on 2 September 2022

We have recently been working alongside Sodexo to improve the flooring surfaces around our spaces and we are pleased to inform you that we will now be focusing on the Student Centre.

This coming weekend, Saturday the 3rd and Sunday the 4th September, we will be carrying out a deep clean to all of the carpets in the public spaces within the building, to help us ensure all spaces are meeting the best environment possible for our staff and students, and enhance the student experience, ready for the new academic year commencement on the 26th September 2022.

In order for us to carry these works out, safely and to ensure the space is cleaned thoroughly, we will be closing off floors, one floor at a time, throughout the weekend, as programmed below:

4th, 3rd & 2nd  floors will be cleaned on Saturday 3rd September, between 05:00-15:00

1st, B1 & B2 floors will be cleaned on Sunday 4th September, between 05:00-16:00

If you require any further information please contact the F&P team and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Our team information can be found at the following link Facilities & Project Team


UCL East Count Down – One Pool Street

By June Hedges, on 30 August 2022

A post with many pictures this week. Work to finish One Pool Street is frantically underway and we currently have most things crossed that our Library space will be open on time.


One Pool Street will be mainly student accommodation providing a home for 500+ students, but it will also include research labs and studios, a lecture theatre that doubles as a cinema and bike parking for 300+ bikes! Our main focus, though, is the Library space on the first floor of the building. For the first year (2022/23), this will form the hub of our services to staff and students based at UCL East. We’ve already had an update on what services will be available in the UCL East Library space. Last week we also got some new photos of the site: it looks like there is still a lot to do, but the level 1 lecture theatre/cinema is certainly taking shape.

Once we have access to One Pool Street we will be able to start work making sure that the space, which will include 35 study spaces. A further 42 study spaces will be available in the Social Commons on Levels 1 & 2. In addition there will be space for the 3 library staff that will be running the site. Staff working space within One Pool Street will be limited in the first year.