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UCL Law Journal Blog: Stay Tuned!

By ucqhgnu, on 13 July 2016

The UCL Journal of Law and Jurisprudence is launching the UCL Law Journal Blog. The Blog’s primary aim is to make a high-quality contribution to current debates on local and global issues of law and jurisprudence, and offer these contributions in a free, accessible, and updated platform, covering up-to-date events, developments, debates, cases, and more.

The Blog particularly invites submissions from law students, practitioners, researchers, and junior scholars. The Blog is not dedicated to any particular filed of law or methodology, and welcomes any topical, relevant, critical, and engaging contributions in conformity with the house style and guidelines added. Blog posts may be submitted in the form of a brief analysis of a legal development, case notes, book reviews, reports of proceedings and legal events, and legal debate.

The Blog will also keep the readers updated on the events and announcements of particular interest to research students and young academics. Stay tuned!

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