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Carbon Capture Legal Programme

By Ben M Milligan, on 24 September 2012


Set up in June 2007, the UCL Carbon Capture Legal Programme (CCLP) analyses legal developments relating to Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and coordinates discussion between policy-makers, industry and other interested parties. The CCLP is under the overall direction of Professor Richard Macrory QC. Chiara Armeni (CCLP Deputy Director) and Ben Milligan are Research Associates, and Eva van der Marel is a a Research Assistant. Chris Clarke, an independent consultant on liability issues, and Ian Havercroft are both Visiting Fellows to the CCLP.

Current activities

Legal aspects of offshore CO2 storage – This activity involves the injection of liquefied CO2 into deep geological formations beneath the seabed for storage purposes. The CCLP has been engaged by the Crown Estate to review the UK’s legal and regulatory framework concerning offshore CO2 storage with a view to identifying and addressing outstanding gaps and issues.

EU Case Studies Project – This project was launched in January 2011, and analyses the implementation process of the EU’s CCS Directive in the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Romania, Spain, and Norway. Building on the expert knowledge gained through the project, the CCLP will continue to monitor legal and policy developments in relation to CCS, both in the European Union and in its Member States.

CCS International Regulators Network – Together with the International Energy Agency and the Carbon Sequestration Forum, the CCLP launched the CCS International Regulators Network in May 2008. The Network provides a forum for CCS regulators, policy makers and stakeholders. Since its creation, the Network has significantly increased in size (currently 1400 members) and activity (including four international meetings, seminars and publications).


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