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Language of Voice Hearing


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What next?

By Zsofia Demjen, on 29 September 2017

So, after the advisory symposium, what’s next for LangVH?

As I mentioned in the last post, we are currently working on publishing our findings. On the basis of discussions with our advisors, we’ve decided to start with the following:

  1. A paper for a voice-hearing expert audiences on metaphors for the relationships with and phenomenology of voices. We aim to showcase metaphor analysis as a useful tool and will reflect on the practical implications and possible applications of our findings.
  2. A chapter providing an overview of our approach for an edited collection on linguistic approaches to healthcare. This will be aimed at a mixed linguistics & healthcare audience, and focus on patterns of interactional behaviour and transitivity.
  3. We are also working on a proposal for a new project to explore the experience of psychosis via linguistic analysis and novel data collections methods.

We may be quiet for a little while, but watch this space.

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