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How to Keep Cool in London

By c.e.brown, on 25 July 2019

As you might have noticed, there’s a heatwave in London right now and it is sweltering! Don’t worry though – there are plenty of ways to keep cool. After you’ve taken a cool shower, closed the curtains and bought an electric fan, hopefully that’s your room taken care of. But if you want to explore the city this weekend without melting, check out our recommendations below…

Go to an outdoor swimming pool


Splash out in an outdoor swimming pool (called a ‘lido’) with your friends this weekend! Lidos became popular in the UK in the 1930’s, and they’re enjoying a resurgence in the past decade. We recommend London Fields Lido. Top tip: arrive early to get a good spot!

See TimeOut’s list of 6 outdoor swimming pools in London here.

Get an ice cream or two!


There’s a wealth of ice cream parlours in London – the real problem is choosing which one! The nearest ice cream shop to campus that we’d recommend is Ruby Violet – it’s the place to go for handmade ice creams and sorbets. Or if you’re feeling brave enough to venture further, head to Covent Garden’s Yaki Yaki!

Stand in a fountain (seriously!)

There are a few walk-in fountains in London, with the Southbank Centre near Waterloo, Granary Square at King’s Cross and the Diana Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park being our top recommendations!

Read the Londonist’s list of the best play fountains in London.

Go to the Ice Bar


It’s exactly what it sounds like – an icy bar! You do have to book your session, but this is a surefire way of keeping chilled.

Book your session at the Ice Bar here.

Find a spot in the shade in a park


Have a picnic at Hampstead Heath in North London and enjoy epic views of the London skyline.

Go on a Night Out!


Don’t spend your evenings cooped up indoors – get out on the town! And Solomon’s Yard Party in Camden on Friday night will be cool in more ways than one. See legendary hip hop DJ Grandmaster Flash, eat street food, and enjoy more live music, cocktails, craft beer. Tickets are only £6 if you book today!

Stay hydrated, folks!

From Coral, Rory, Kimberly and Rhod

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