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International Public Policy Review


IPPR interviews Julia Schaff and Guinevere Carter on fossil free movement

uctqsx025 November 2016

Deputy Head of Editorial Islam interviews Fossil Free UCL members Guinevere and  Julia to gather their thoughts on climate policy in UCL, the UK government and internationally.

Fossil Free UCL are currently distributing a petition urging the university to break its ties with the fossil fuel industry. You can read and sign it here.

Interviewer: Islam Abdelgadir (IA)

Interviewees: Julia Schaff (JS), Guinevere Carter (GC)

IA: Hello and welcome to the first edition of IPPR interviews, with the International Public Policy Review. I am  Islam Abdelgadir, current deputy head editor of IPPR. I’m joined today by members of Fossil Free UCL – seems so official – a student society on campus, which is the UCL arm of the fossil free movement. The fossil free movement, for anyone who doesn’t know, is a growing international divestment campaign calling for organisations, institutions and individuals to demonstrate climate leadership and end the support for the fossil fuel industry.

So would you guys like to introduce yourselves and maybe give a few reasons (of) what drew you to fossil free UCL?