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Disadvantaged pupils have less-qualified science teachers across the developed world, and other findings from PISA

By Blog Editor, IOE Digital, on 14 June 2018

Sam Sims
The Programme for International Student Assessment is a well-known exercise in benchmarking pupil attainment in maths, science and reading across countries. PISA was first conducted in 2000 and five further rounds of results have since been published. Around 80 countries are taking part in 2018.
What is less well known is that PISA also collects information from school leaders about their teachers, such as the qualifications they have and the training they receive. The OECD, who manage PISA, also collect information on differences in national policy towards teachers, through parallel research programmes.
The OECD have now brought this information together to examine whether national differences in teacher policy can explain (more…)