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Good places to eat and drink around UCL

By tina.yang.17, on 5 December 2019

Pasta. cherry tomatoes and mozarella

The city of London celebrates its great diversity in many ways. One of which is its abundant culinary choices. Simply exploring around UCL, you will easily find cuisines from all over the world. With so much choice on offer, it can sometimes be tricky to quickly spot the ideal one during your lunch break when you are ravenous after a lecture. So if you fancy an exciting food journey beyond what our campus canteens could offer, here’s a list of drinks and food that you can count on.

Korean food

Seoul Plaza

Location: W1T 2EH London, Tottenham Court Rd

Seoul Plaza is a great place for a quick eating AND light shopping. It offers authentic Korean bibimbaps on your choice at a good price for students. All hot foods are served in takeaway bowls because there are only limited seats for customers to eat in within the store. As you go further into the store, there’s a nice selection of Korean snacks and food.

Seoul Bakery (cash-only)

Location: 14 Great Russell St, Bloomsbury, London, WC1B 3NH

Another destination worth checking out for all Korean foodies. It is frankly a tiny place for its great selection of food, ranging from kimchi pancake, Korean sushi to dumplings with vegan options. Everything is freshly made and at a pretty good price. All kimchi and sauce are hand-made, making its gimbap and bibimbap the best in town. The atmosphere is great as you will be surrounded by trending K-pop music and doodling designs all over the restaurant wall. Nice little place to have an afternoon chat with friends.

Chinese food

Chinese food

Sanxia Renaissance Chinese restaurant

Location: 29 Goodge St, Bloomsbury, London, W1T 2PP

The restaurant is known for its organic Hunan and Sichuan cuisine. Great location near Goodge Street Station. Dishes there are mostly spicy and spice-rich which will give you a true Sichuanese taste. It offers lunch deal normally around £8 with options of a main and rice. A shoutout to this restaurant’s private karaoke rooms where you and your friends could chill out singing and drinking while also have delicious Chinese food on hand.

Bin Bin Q Barbecue Market

Location: 161-163 Drummond St, London, NW1 2PB

Open from midday to 22:00, the restaurant’s featured dishes are Chinese BBQ which you enjoy in a very cosy ancient-China environment. The way it operates is pretty much similar to Seoul Plaza – dining area on the left of the restaurant, whereas in the other half is a small shop selling Asian food and goods. Hotpots are also offered with a wide selection of fresh food to be put into your own choice of soup base.

Japanese food


Location: 4 Windmill St, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 2HZ

The restaurant offers original Tokyo poke, which is freshly made and delicious. If you don’t feel like their signature poke, you could also build your own. Other traditional Japanese dishes are also beautifully served, such as Donrui, a warm bowl of black and white rice topped with a hearty portion of meat and vegetables. Have a cup of their award-winning green tea together with nicely presented Matcha desserts and you’ll quickly find yourself dancing in a gentle delicate Tokyo breeze.


Location: 3 Bernard St, Bloomsbury, London, WC1N 1LJ

Right next to the Russell Square station, Wasabi is probably one of the most well-known Japanese food chains serving bento boxes, sushi and hot Japanese dishes. Student discount is offered with presence of your Unidays Wasabi promo code. It’s fast, fresh and tasty. Good for a quick lunch with your friends.

Aerial image of people eating burgers and vegetables


Burger & Shake

Location: 47 Marchmont St, Bloomsbury, London, WC1N 1AP

Fantastic American-style burgers, hot dogs are served in an absolute cosy atmosphere. Special lunch offer for which you could have a selection of their most popular burgers with a portion of fries and a soft drink starting from only £6.95.  Do try their hot buffalo chicken wings with sour sauce as well as their insanely good milkshakes.


Ciao Bella

Location: 86-90 Lamb’s Conduit St, Bloomsbury, London, WC1N 3LZ

When it comes to a proper dinner, you can’t really go wrong with Italian food. Ciao Bella offers classic Italian dishes that have stood the test of time – being on the menu from the early 1980s. The atmosphere is another point that makes this place great – aqua-blue furniture nicely laid out in an organised way with framed old photos and hanging guitars on the wall. Dishes are real Italian and perfectly cooked.

There are still loads to explore around UCL, take your time, and enjoy your food!

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