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A blog on life at UCL Institute of Education and education affairs written for students by students.


Good places to eat and drink around UCL

By Tina Yang, on 5 December 2019

Pasta. cherry tomatoes and mozarella

The city of London celebrates its great diversity in many ways. One of which is its abundant culinary choices. Simply exploring around UCL, you will easily find cuisines from all over the world. With so much choice on offer, it can sometimes be tricky to quickly spot the ideal one during your lunch break when you are ravenous after a lecture. So if you fancy an exciting food journey beyond what our campus canteens could offer, here’s a list of drinks and food that you can count on.

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Make the most of studying resources across UCL and London

By Linda S Wystemp, on 24 October 2019

At UCL and across London there is a vast array of different study resources available to help you make the most of your time at university. This list will give you with a quick overview of the resources, physical and online, that will hopefully make your learning, research, and study sessions a little easier and a little more productive.

IOE students studying in the Newsam, Library

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Combining full-time studying with part-time working: if I could do it, so can you!

By Joana Maia Evaristo Carvalho Homem, on 2 October 2019

Does working while studying seem impossible to you? Would you like to combine your full-time studies with some part-time working, but you find that too scary? This blog was written for you, then! I will share with you my experience as a full-time MA student and part-time worker, and provide some tips which may be useful for those who are students and wish to start working.

Person working sat at a table with a notebook and a cup of tea

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One day in the life of an IOE undergraduate student

By Irina Filip, on 24 September 2019

When I started university I was terribly anxious about what to expect in terms of my daily programme. After all, university is quite different from school and it’s hard to know what to expect. I remember that, for me, reading about a typical IOE student’s day would have been helpful, so I thought of writing about it for prospective students. Therefore, in the next paragraphs I will describe a typical term day in the life of an IOE student from morning to night.

IOE students sat in class

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What to take to University

By Irina Filip, on 24 September 2019

Suitcase, bedding and baskets placed on a bike

University is a huge change in one’s life. Especially if you’re moving to a foreign city, away from home, it can feel daunting when you start thinking about what to take with you, in order to make sure you have all that you need. I remember that when I started university, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to create a sense of hominess in my new accommodation and I would forget to bring important things. However, inspired by a few tips and tricks from older students, I managed to put together my own little oasis of cosiness.

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