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Test Phishing Campaigns

By Daniela Cooper, on 21 July 2017


For the past year we have been running test phishing campaigns on a particular group of staff at UCL. We started off easy and have slowly ramped up the difficulty rating as the year has gone on. We have been mostly happy with the results, I say mostly, as much as I would like a 0% click rate, I’m being realistic.


The test phishing campaigns come with instant training for those users that do fall for it, this helps these users to realise straight away where they have gone wrong and how they can identify phishing emails in the future.


For the next coming year we are planning on extending this service to cover all staff at UCL. Along with this, we hope to increase our awareness work on phishing (and other information security areas), to help combat this very real threat that we all face both at work and at home.


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