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Health and Wellbeing in Buildings: A Real Appetite for Change

By Clive Shrubsole, on 18 November 2016

The Health, Wellbeing and Productivity in Non-Domestic Buildings half day conference at UCL Gustave Tuck Lecture, has to go down as one of the most successful and timely conferences yet.

The conference was jointly hosted by UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering (IEDE), CIBSE Home Counties SE and the CIBSE Natural Ventilation Group, and organised by IEDE’s Marcella Ucci, Vivian Dorizas and Rachel Kempsell, Richard Davies of (ARUP)-CIBSE HCSE and Colin Ashford of -CIBSE HCSE and CIBSE NVG – who was crucial in suggesting the conference and establishing the initial contact between  CIBSE and UCL many years ago.

Tickets sold out very quickly and the venue was packed on the day. There was a vibrant and energetic atmosphere with both speakers and attendees enthusiastically taking part.

Along with two international speakers there were presentations  from UK based speakers representing  a variety of perspectives. It was clear from the scope and depth of subjects covered by the speakers, that the emerging emphasis on health, wellbeing and productivity in buildings has wide-ranging implications and has gained real traction with industry. The conference featured cutting-edge research, scientific evidence and case studies on health, wellbeing and productivity in relation to buildings in order to encourage stakeholders such as designers, consultants and environmental engineers to contribute to the design and management of healthier indoor environments, including supporting of clients. In addition, presentations included practical ideas on how to create healthy, comfortable and productive indoor environments with regards to indoor environmental quality (IAQ).

Videos of the individual speaker’s presentations are currently being uploaded to the UCL IEDE YouTube channel and will be available imminently

In her presentation, Marcella Ucci, Senior Lecturer at the UCL IEDE and course director of the new MSc on Health Wellbeing and Sustainability in Buildings of the Bartlett UCL, underpinned the need of new approaches to cover the performance gap and introduced the new UCL MSc on Health, Wellbeing and Sustainable Buildings of UCL* which fully covers the subject area. Marcella also raised the need for new models to investigate health & wellbeing outcomes and to build a business case study.

The real appetite for the subject was seen not only from the enthusiastic interchanges and questions to the speakers from the floor, but more by the fact that even after the networking event at the end of the conference, no-one had any desire to leave the building and had to be encouraged to leave, suggesting further such events are urgently needed.

*For more information about the New MSc, please email the Course Director,  Dr Marcella Ucci.
For administrative information, please contact Leila Tufekci.

Energy performance gap assessment and Post Occupancy Evaluation of UCL Cruciform Library / Main outcomes

By ucqbvko, on 12 November 2015

This update includes the main results of my dissertation research regarding UCL Cruciform Library. The most important outcomes of the methodology used, including hygrothermal monitoring, occupant comfort surveys, dynamic thermal modelling and Carbon Buzz are presented.

After the monitoring period (6-20/7/2015), the results extracted from the Hobo data loggers were analysed. The most important findings are summarized below:


Hygrothermal monitoring plan

the average internal temperature in the majority of spaces (excluding computer clusters – average of 24 degrees Celcius) fluctuates between 21 and 22 degrees Celcius, really close to the external one (average of 18.9 degrees Celcius).

the average internal relative humidity in the majority of spaces fluctuates between 51 and 55%, falling inside the acceptable range of 40-70% according to CIBSE Guide A (2006). (more…)

Celebrating 50 Years of Environmental Design and Engineering at The Bartlett

By zcfbc25, on 12 June 2015

This brochure introduces the UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering (UCL IEDE) and gives a brief history of the field of EDE at The Bartlett, UCL’s global faculty of the built environment.