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A case of cognitive dissonance?

By Clive Shrubsole, on 15 December 2015

COP21I’m a lifelong Tottenham fan and can still remember the rollercoaster of previous years where preseason expectation often nosedived into frustration and disappointment. We were OK playing at home, but when playing away invariably folded often with heavy losses.

However, I love the current performances, the new sense of belief and energy on the pitch, the consistency wherever the venue and the joy of being with IEDE colleagues at games and watching us win and often in spectacular fashion.


In some ways I feel the same about COP21 when compared to previous summits; great expectations, agreement (albeit voluntary) and a renewed sense of purpose and drive with clear goals. After all, the fact is, climate change is a fact. The science behind climate change and the ongoing evidence is now overwhelming with 95% certainty in term of made-made emissions being the source. Recent floods in the UK and various events worldwide have created a sense of proximity for all that may have been lacking in previous negotiations. For the UK, our ‘away game’ was impressive with strong statements such as “action today, not excuses tomorrow” when referring to climate change. (more…)