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International Centre for Historical Research in Education


International Centre for Historical Research in Education (ICHRE) at the UCL Institute of Education (IOE) is a leading centre for historical research into education


Research students

Current postgraduate research students supervised by members of ICHRE:

  • Nazlin Bhimani, ‘The Relationship between Teacher Training at the London Day Training College and Teachers’ Classroom Practice in London Elementary Schools During the Interwar Years’.
  • Mary Campbell-Day, ‘Mary Gurney and Her Circle: Sustaining Female Education in Late Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century England’.
  • Emily Charkin, ‘Building a community together’: Past and present meanings of manual work at Kilquhanity School (1940-1996) and Wennington School (1940-75)’.
  • Anne Collignon, ‘Constructing a Critical Account of the History of a Single School: Copenhagen International School 1962-2017’.
  • Conan de Wilde, ‘The Crucible of the International Baccalaureate: Humanities Teaching at the International School of Geneva (1949-1972)’.
  • May Kyi Han, ‘The role of donor agencies in basic education policy reform in myanmar from 2012-2017.’
  • Anne Heavey, ‘The Presentation of the Extraordinary Woman in the Primary History Curriculum and the Construction of Gender Identity in the Classroom’.
  • Karen Lillie, ‘An investigation of students’ national identities at an international secondary school in Switzerland’
  • Rebecca Payne, ‘Global Knowledge and the Dominant City: Higher Education, Imperialism and London’ (funded by ESRC UBEL DTP).
  • Kelly Power, ‘Changing Childhoods: The Educational Experiences of Working-Class Children in the 1860s’ (based at King’s College London, funded by AHRC London Arts & Humanities Partnership).
  • Judith Rose, Exploring the relationship between adult literacy education and the development of education for adults with learning difficulties in England 1970-2010.
  • Monica Rude, ‘All Kinds of Sense: The Origins of the Common Application’ (EdD).
  • Yaobin Tong, ‘Citizenship education in a Chinese university.’
  • Lydia Townsend, ‘Published Writing on Educational Examination by Staff and Students at University College London 1826-1926.’
  • Edward Whiffin, ‘Public Schools, Politics and Associational Culture in England 1900-1939’.
  • Laura Whittle, ‘Narratives of education, family and class in 1980s Essex’.
  • Min You, ‘Sowing the Seeds of Chinese Female Education, 1819-1844’.
  • Peng Zhang, ‘Knowledge and Politics: Evolution of the British Image in Chinese Secondary School History and Literature Textbooks’.


Recently completed students:

  • Qianyun Yu (2019), ‘Understanding purposes, practices and impacts of museum educational programmes: a case study of a provincial museum in Hangzhou, China’.
  • Maria Patricia Williams (2018), ‘The Contribution of Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini to Catholic Educational Practice 1880-1917.’
  • Marlene Laing, (2018) ‘Discourses of Reform in the History Curriculum in England and Wales, 1976-1988’.
  • Grace Rose (2017), ‘Education and Older Learners: Experience and Politics, 1997-2010.’
  • Alice Kirke (2016), ‘Education in Interwar Rural England: Community, Schooling, and Voluntarism’.
  • Mari Hiraoka (2015), ‘A Modern Utopia?  Images of the Japanese education system in Britain, c. 1860-1914’.
  • Davina Kirby (2015), ‘The influence of teacher media images on professional teacher identities’.
  • Ren-Jie Lin (2014), ‘Transnational knowledge dissemination and recontextualization:  the development of British educational foundation disciplines in Taiwan, 1868-2013’.