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NeiJing Tu

By thea.vidnes, on 12 May 2009


Posted on behalf of David Dear

2 Responses to “NeiJing Tu”

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    Carole.Reeves wrote on 15 May 2009:

    This is a beautifully conceived and edited movie, which flows harmoniously through the narrative to produce a satisfying, informative and compelling audio-visual experience.
    A technical point – the narrative and effects fight for supremacy, making it difficult at times to concentrate on the narrative without being overwhelmed by the singer’s voice.

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    S.Kuriyama wrote on 15 May 2009:

    My one suggestion for this elegantly composed piece would be to make more of the potentially jarring juxtaposition of modern traffic flow and the flow of qi in the idyllic inner landscape. Rather than assimilating the modern and traditional into one seamless continuum–a continuum underlined by the single soundtrack– it may be fruitful to compel viewers to confront and reflect on the stark contrasts (underlined by the insertion of another musical piece and perhaps also city sounds–honking cars, for instance) between the world portrayed in the Neijingtu, and our everyday urban existence–even if the movie ends with some form of reconciliation, and returns to the music with which it begins. The pointed question one might ask is: is the Neijingtu really relevant to us here and now, and if so, how do we deal with the apparent disjunction between its pastoralism and our lives enveloped in steel and concrete? This would imbue this beautiful clip with some conceptual punch.

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