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Professor Kuriyama Q & A – Part IV

By thea.vidnes, on 3 April 2009


Posted by Thea Vidnes

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    Mike Stanley-Baker wrote on 26 April 2009:

    Summary of Content:

    0:03 On Baby Bob, and a different kind of audience attention.

    3:39 How can modern media techniques be harness and transformed effectively in current academic life?

    5:24 Is there a difference between undergraduate and postgraduate presentations?

    6:32 How can media presentation compete with written texts (e.g. essays) in terms of academic rigour and apparatus (e.g. footnotes?)

    8:42 Does Professor Kuriyama require his students to submit a copy of the script alongside submission of the media presentations?

    9:37 Are there particular difficulties trying to assess different types of media presentations for the same assignment, e.g. podcasts vs. film clip?

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