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New webinar series on youth mobility coming soon, May 4th – June 1st 2021

By UCL Global Youth, on 29 March 2021

Youth mobility: comparing internal and international mobility experiences around the world

Geographical mobility is closely linked to youth, as young people are most likely to become mobile, whether it is driven by necessity (e.g. to access education or employment), a lifestyle or individual choice (e.g. for personal development), or a combination of these reasons. While young people have always been mobile, in the contemporary context, mobility has often become integral to the process of becoming an adult.

Given its importance for young lives, the UCL CGY is hosting a series of 5 webinars to explore youth mobility practices in different parts of the world. What are the drivers and motivations for mobility in different countries and social groups? Which social groups get to be mobile and what does this mean for those who are “left behind”? What impact does mobility have on youth transitions and youth identities? And what impact, if any, has the COVID-19 pandemic had on youth aspirations for and experiences of mobility?

These are some of the key questions that will be explored in these 5 webinars, drawing on the experiences of young people in 4 different countries: India, Australia, China and the UK. The fifth and final seminar will focus on the experiences of young people seeking asylum in the UK.

Each Tuesday from 4 May to 1 June 2021, we invite two researchers to present some of their latest research and ask a discussant to place the research in context.

Our confirmed speakers include:

  • Johanna Waters (UCL Geography) UK
  • Carol Upadhya and Supriya RoyChowdhury (National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore) India
  • Peidong Yang (National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University) Singapore
  • Shanthi Robertson (Western Sydney University) Australia
  • Michael Donnelly (University of Bath) and Sol Gamsu (University of Durham) UK
  • Elaine Chase (UCL)
  • Jiexiu Chen (UCL)

More details about the seminars, speakers and registration will be available in mid-April. The webinars will also be recorded and subsequently made available for free via our Youtube Channel.

This series is hosted by the UCL Centre for Global Youth and co-organised by Dr. Avril Keating (Director of the Centre), Dr Sazana Jayadeva (University of Cambridge) and Rachel Benchekroun (UCL-IOE). The series is funded by IOE International.

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