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CGY/ CSEE Joint Research seminar, 23rd May 2019

By UCL Global Youth, on 1 May 2019

‘Troubled’ youth, disgust and the destruction of dignity: findings from ethnographic arts-based research with young people.

23rd May 2019, 2-3.30pm

Room 804, UCL Institute of Education

On May 23rd, we will be joined by Dr Jo Deakin and Dr. Claire Fox, from the Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Manchester.

Jo and Claire will present a paper that highlights the experiences of young people labelled as ‘troubled’ or ‘at risk of being drawn into criminal activity’.  Drawing on findings from a UK-based case study, as part of a European collaborative project (PROMISE), the analysis sets out a conceptual framework within which young people’s experiences of criminalisation can be understood. The project explores their experiences of authorial controls via informal, formal and legal structures embedded within a ‘disgust’ agenda, as well as their responses to the ‘at risk/troubled’ label.

Their framework draws on concepts of identity, structural inequality, marginalisation and the destruction of dignity as key elements of young people’s experience, while notions of resistance, anger, apathy, resourcefulness and resilience shape their responses.  Young people’s narratives are central to their analysis, and are drawn out using arts-based elicitation methods. These methods shed light on the multiple types and sites of criminalisation from the perspectives of those experiencing it.

(NB: This event is free, open to all and there is no need to book a place in advance).

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