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The Big Question on…energy

ucyow3c30 April 2015

Will the UK lead the way in reducing emissions from aviation and shipping?

Imagine your MP standing on your doorstep to canvass your vote and to ask you what the UK should do to tackle the climate change impact of aviation and shipping. It’s hard to picture, despite the fact that aviation and shipping are projected to make up 10% of the UK’s CO2 emissions by 2050. These sectors present a regulatory challenge not only for the UN’s civil aviation and maritime organizations, but also for the EU and the UK.

The UK Parliament adopted a Climate Change Act in 2008. This establishes a binding target to reduce the UK’s GHG emissions by at least 80% by 2050. This Act introduced a system of carbon budgets which operate to cap the UK’s emissions over successive five year period. From 2013-2017 for example, the UK’s emissions are to be reduced by 29%. (more…)

The Big Question on… energy: Will the new government generate the evidence required to achieve the necessary step change in energy efficiency?

ucyow3c23 April 2015

The Big Question facing the next UK government on Energy is to achieve a step-change in the demand side management (DSM) of the electricity system and in the installation of energy efficiency measures in buildings.

The policy framework for low-carbon energy supply is now in place and needs to be allowed to bed in with no further major changes. But the same cannot be said for DSM or building energy efficiency, though for different reasons.

The new opportunities for DSM have arisen because of the bringing together of two network technology systems: the electricity network and the network related to information and communication technologies. The much older challenge of making buildings more energy efficient has been thrown into high relief because of the failure of the policies of the last government, despite some useful innovations, to generate building energy efficiency installations at anything like the necessary scale. (more…)