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GEE Research


Research in Genetics, Evolution and Environment



Other media appearances by GEE academics and students.

Heredity Podcast
Prof Andrew Pomiankowski features in February’s Heredity podcast discussing recent GEE research on sexual selection in stalk-eyed flies.

The Evolution of Genes and Culture
Prof Dallas Swallow and Prof Mark Thomas from GEE feature in a short film about the evolution of lactose digestion in humans

Sex Evolution
Naked Scientists Interview with Professor Judith Mank, explaining the genetics and evolution of sex determination in the animal kingdom

GM for Conservation
Guardian Science Podcast with Professor Kate Jones, discussing the science and ethics of species conservation using GM

The Science of Old Age
BBC Radio 4 Life Scientific Podcast with Professor Dame Linda Partridge, discussing the biology of ageing and the diseases of old age.

The Question of DeExtinction
Kate Jones presented a talk at TEDxDeExtinction, entitled “Why and Why Not is a Matter of Specifics”

The Start of Life
BBC Radio 4 Start of the Week Podcast featuring Steve Jones, talking about the origins of life, old and new.