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Day Out with Inspire at Nightingales’ Primary School

By uctzreg, on 15 March 2016

Forensic science has become an area of worldwide interest accentuated by the success of television series such as CSI. This means that it is an ideal topic for outreach events as children are already captivated by it. We do these events to demonstrate to children the fun and amazing aspects of science but also show the importance of it. With older students (GCSE and A-level) we chat about our experiences, the benefits of getting a university degree and career options available to them. This gives the opportunity to ask any questions they might have and for them to get ideas on the type of subjects they might be interested in.

Today I spent the day at Nightingale’s primary school with Lucinda from Inspire. Here we talked about crime, police officers and witnesses to the nursery and reception classes (3-5 year olds). We also did an activity on the use of footprints by looking at different types of animal prints. We then enjoyed making chromatography butterflies.

Chromatography Butterflies!!

Chromatography Butterflies!!

They loved it and wanted to make them in all different colours. These butterflies are great as they’re really easy to do and aesthetically pleasing. Overall, they really enjoyed themselves and so did we! Looking forward to April for more outreach!

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