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Focus on the Positive



Experiencing the Positivity of Bromley By Bow

By ucwetca, on 1 February 2017

Philippa Richardson is Festival Coordinator within UCL Culture, and has worked on Focus on the Positive for throughout our latest edition. In this blog she talks about our exciting next session, scheduled for 7th March 2017. Booking details to follow.

We are delighted to announce that Focus on The Positive will be back in 2017 as we continue to work with the School of Life and Medical Sciences. Having worked on the past four events starting in the scorcher of a month that was July 2016 I have seen the event travel to the heart of East London, with great relations formed with the Trinity Community Centre in East Ham. Centre Manager Paul Chelliah took on the role of host with great success, welcoming local residents and community partners as well as eloquently explaining the collaborative nature of the event. UCL Culture has collaboration and sparking conversations at the heart of its aims and this is especially important ahead of the UCL East Campus on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.


Trinity Centre Manager Paul Chelliah hosts the event and introduces researcher Naheem Bashir.

With such aims in mind as we go forward into 2017, we see Focus on the Positive scheduled for Tuesday 7th March, 12pm at the Bromley-by-Bow Centre. We are very pleased to be working alongside DayOld who will be providing the refreshments on the day. DayOld is a surplus food social enterprise, tackling food waste and food poverty with London’s first surplus food box scheme. The Centre supported this social enterprise through its Beyond Business programme.
We continue to enjoy building relations for mutual benefit in the East London community and the Bromley by Bow Centre have allowed us to see some of the great projects they run and continue to support. ‘Time Bank‘ is an excellent example of one of these projects, where members of the local community to help one another and share skills. Through a mutual exchange using time as currency, time credits. For every hour you spend helping someone, you will get an hour of somebody else’s help in return. It has also been inspiring to hear that researchers from Public Health England are currently based at the Centre on an evaluation and impact study.


Bromley by Bow Centre

These are just some of the many great things happening at the Bromley By Bow Centre at the moment. We are excited to be supporting, training and funding researchers to engage with the Centre’s diverse audiences.



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