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UCL Women’s Liberation SIG Spring Term 2022 – Sara Dahlen

By UCL Women's Liberation, on 2 February 2022

Sex or gender identity? Practical and ethical implications for medicine

Dr Sara Dahlen

Clear communication on sex and gender identity in medical contexts can be challenging. Clinicians may note variation in understandings of these terms, or policies that appear to downplay the relevance of biological sex. This talk explores practical and ethical implications of conflicting language around sex and gender identity in medicine, with focus on potential healthcare consequences, especially for women’s health.
UCL Women’s Liberation are delighted to welcome Dr Sara Dahlen.
Dr Sara Dahlen is a PhD student at King’s College London, researching the ethics of sex and gender in the context of an emerging reproductive technology. She studied Pharmacology at UCL, Medicine at Queen Mary University of London, and  Bioethics and Society at King’s College London.
Date: 17th February 2022, 14.00-15.00 GMT

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    seonaid Barber wrote on 2 February 2022:

    I’m not a robot, dinosaur, idiot or liar. This matters ty

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    Anne Dean wrote on 2 February 2022:

    Thank you for organising this seminar. Looking forward to attending.

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