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UCL events news and reviews


CloudMade: Tools for location-based mobile applications

By Wendy J Tester, on 22 March 2011

This week’s ‘Entrepreneurship Guest Lecture Series’ talk was given by UCL alumnus Nick Black, Co-Founder at CloudMade.

Click on the player below to watch the full lecture

UCL students Mansour Abdulghaffarand Carolina Mostert summarise his lecture below.

Lunch Hour Lecture: Sex, Drugs, the Internet & Juries, 10th March

By Carly Schnabl, on 22 March 2011

Sarah Polcz, UCL Laws, reports on last week’s Lunch Hour Lecture, “Sex, Drugs, Race and the Internet: Jury Myths and Challenges”. UCL Laws’ Professor Cheryl Thomas confronted these misconceptions, sharing the findings of her ground-breaking research for the Ministry of Justice on juror decision-making.


The Grant Museum of Zoology re-opens, 17th March 2011

By Carly Schnabl, on 21 March 2011

After months of disarticulating, packing, measuring, heaving crates and boxes with priceless specimens around, unpacking, rearticulating and redisplaying the Grant Museum was officially opened last Thursday reports Mark Carnall, Curator, Grant Museum of Zoology.

Watch a film of the move here:


An evening with Noam Chomsky: Contours of Global Order

By Lara J Carim, on 14 March 2011

This year the Rickman Godlee lecture hosted Noam Chomsky, writes Jay Stone, UCL PhD student. He is inspirational to many and the event on 9 March had sold out quickly… I was running late and acutely aware that I needed to get there sharpish to get a seat!

With masses of people still piling in behind me I quickly made my way up into the rafters and settled in. A few moments later the audience erupted into deafening applause, everyone on their feet, with smiles on their faces and awe in their eyes. Noam Chomsky had made his way onto the stage.