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Untangling the teenage brain

By Clare S Ryan, on 15 September 2011

Professor Sarah-Jayne Blakemore is a cognitive neuroscientist who researches something many of us find mysterious – the teenage brain. She believes that our adolescent years are a period of great change in terms of brain activity and being able to untangle what is going on could have wide-ranging implications for education. I went along to her lecture at the British Science Festival to find out more.

An adult brainA newborn baby has nearly the same number of brain cells as an adult, an astounding 100 billion. The difference, as you might already know, are the connections between the nerve cells, or neurons, which change massively over the course of a person’s life.


From London to Cheltenham Science Festival

By Andrea Pochylova, on 6 June 2011

Hi everyone, my name is Andrea Pochylova and I am MA student of Politics and Security at the School of Slavonic and Eastern European Studies at UCL. As a politics student I am most interested in inequality between people.

You may think what is a politics student doing at Cheltenham Science Festival? I have to tell you, I am quite excited to explore completely new academic fields closely. I am intrigued to learn more about migration, and the ageing  population as well as to understand how young minds work, a lecture by UCL neuroscientist Sarah-Jayne Blakemore. I am especially looking forward to the laughter workshop.

I am glad to see I am not the only first time blogger and I will do my best to share my Cheltenham experience from a little different (not exactly scientific) perspective.

Looking forward to share my foray into science world.