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Promote yourself: how to build your PR and marketing connections

By news editor, on 3 December 2012

Panel chair Pete Digger (UCL English 1994) at
the PR & Marketing Professional Networking event.

Written by UCL alumna Emily Everett (English Language & Literature 2008).

The name of the game at UCL’s award-winning Professional Networking series of events is clearly networking itself. Alums come to listen, ask questions, and then discuss and mix with the panellists and other attendees.

Networking was certainly the buzzword of the night at UCL’s eleventh Alumni Professional Networking event, “Promote Yourself: How to build your PR and Marketing connections”.

Welcomed by panel chair Pete Digger (UCL English 1994), the four panellists represented a range of positions and roles across the field of PR, marketing, and advertising.


UCL Alumni Professional Networking Event: Environmental Careers

By news editor, on 12 June 2012

Emily Everett, UCL Alumna (English Language & Literature 2008)

At a time when jobs are scarce and young professionals often disgruntled, a foot in the door can seem more like a leg up into that unattainable world of satisfying employment.

It’s why I’m never surprised to see each of UCL’s award-winning professional networking events so well attended; the opportunity to scribble down some sage advice while adding to your industry contacts is too good to pass up when the job market is so competitive.

Refreshing optimism
Wednesday’s panel on environmental careers stood out to me because of its surprising optimism – the result of a professional field that is still growing and expanding, instead of stagnating like many others.


UCL Alumni Professional Networking Event: PR, Journalism & Broadcasting

By ucyow3c, on 28 November 2011

UCL’s latest Alumni Professional Networking Event tackled a tough question: how to break into the incredibly competitive fields of PR, broadcasting, and journalism. Arguably some of the most sought-after jobs in today’s already cut-throat job market, careers in media are growing in popularity every day, although the path to securing these jobs is anything but straightforward.

Wednesday’s panellists shared their own – often circuitous – routes to the media work they do now, and then fielded questions from the eager audience of alums. Emily Everett, UCL alumna (English Language and Literature 2008) reports on the event.

Panel Discussion at the event


UCL Alumni Professional Networking Event: How to get a book published

By ucyow3c, on 12 October 2011

Emily Everett, UCL alumna (English Language & Literature 2008) reports on last week’s Alumni Professional Networking event: How to get a book published.

The short answer? Write a good one. That was best-seller Ken Follett’s first piece of advice, and it was quickly seconded by the rest of the experts on UCL’s all-star publishing panel. But they also seemed to agree that it isn’t always quite that simple – so they shared insider advice on how to bridge that colossal gap between aspirant writer and published author.