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UCL events news and reviews


‘Religion in education: Towards division or inspiration?’

By news editor, on 22 June 2011

On Wednesday 15 June UCL hosted a vibrant discussion on ‘Religion in education: Towards division or inspiration?’. The event was held to commemorate 140 years since the passage of the University Tests Act, which ended religious discrimination in admissions to universities. Dr Sherrill Stroschein (UCL Political Science) reports on the event.


Population Footprints and Inequality

By Lara J Carim, on 6 June 2011

The UCL/Leverhulme Population Footprints Symposium held on 25 and 26 May was an interdisciplinary look at the impacts of human population growth, reports Shivani Singh, a PhD student at the UCL Centre for International Health and Development. Undercut with themes of inequality, consumption and health, the conference allowed for academics, members of the public and students to engage in lively debate on past trends and projections for the future.

While there were varied opinions on the potential problems that will be faced by the next generation if our populations continue to swell, there was a general consensus amongst presenters about a major issue that needs to be addressed: inequality.

Panel session at Population Footprints

Further speakers at the Population Footprints conference (from left): Professor Maria Lee (UCL Laws), Professor Anthony Costello (Co-Director, UCL Institute for Global Health), Ms Sara Parkin OBE (Founder Director, Forum for the Future) and HE Ernest Rwanucyo (Rwandan High Commissioner)


Is the population bomb a fallacy?

By Lara J Carim, on 31 May 2011

Kelly Clarke, a student at the UCL Institute of Child Health, reports on the opening debate at the UCL/Leverhulme Population Footprints symposium, held on 24 May.

The human population quadrupled in the 20th century. It will reach 7 billion this year. There are 250,000 more people on the planet today than there were yesterday. But Fred Pearce, New Scientist journalist, speaking at the ‘My Vision of the World’ debate at UCL last Tuesday believes we should stop worrying about an exponential population.


US Supreme Court Justice Breyer at UCL Laws

By Ruth Grenville, on 22 March 2011

On 17 March, UCL’s Judicial Institute was delighted to host a visit by US Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, a rare occasion for our law students to hear about the American justice system, direct from the source.

Justice Breyer and Professor John Lowry

Justice Breyer brandishes a copy of the US constitution, as UCL Laws Vice-Dean for Staffing Professor John Lowry looks on