The Rawlings collection

Fieldwork in the Collection, a paper written by Hanine Miriam Habig has recently been published on The Anthropolitan website.
Hanine volunteered in the collection between 2015 and 2017, during her MA in the department and the year following her graduation. As as Assistant Curator, she focused her attention on a group of objects given in 1963 and related to someone named George Shirley Rawlings. Hanine managed to get in touch with Rawlings’ descendants and one of his son, Walter Rawlings, visited us in the collection. It was a moment full of emotion for all of us as it was the first time since the donation that Walter accessed the objects collected by his father. From the perspective of a better understanding of the collection, as one of the major issues we face is the lack of information and archives, Walter also provided us with invaluable information on the Rawlings collection.