Young Curators Club Maria Fidelis exhibition


What stories lie inside collections? How can we connect historical artefacts to our everyday lives? Can heritage be an object? The UCL Young Curators project brings a group of GCSE students from a local secondary school, Maria Fidelis, to work with the Ethnography Collections and learn a little about what anthropologists do. Housed in the basement of the anthropology department, the Ethnography Collection has nearly 5000 artefacts and pictures from cultures on every continent, from weapons to jewellery, textiles to masks, spears to shells. Our Young Curators were given the opportunity to learn and develop the skills of collections management, conservation, research, and storytelling. Each student was asked to choose one object from their own possessions and one from the collection, and work to make sense of their similarities and differences. Working with images, poetry, and in dialogue with a group of researchers in the department, here are their stories.


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This project was put together by:
Delphine Mercier, Curator-Collections Management and Care
Haidy Geismar, Curator and anthropologist
Celine West, UCL Museums and Collections

With support from UCL Culture and UCL Widening Participation

Thanks to:
Ludovic Coupaye, Rafael Schacter, Susanne Kuchler, Jill Reese, UCL Anthropology
Susi Pancaldo, UCL Culture
Toni-Ann La-Crette, Librarian and Poet
And to Shosha Adie, James O’Donoghue and Maya Howard, UCL Anthropology students, for their help.