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Report on the project of Object-Based teaching Greek and Latin Department, UCL

By Janina Dewitz, on 6 August 2015

The project has built on the successful cooperation between the Department of Greek and Latin and the Petrie Museum. For the last couple of years the Department has organized many classes in the Petrie Museum especially linked to the teaching of Beginners Greek and Latin. The purpose of the project has been to make material available online in order to enable tutors and students in Greek and Latin to make good use of this resource at any time.

The initial aim was to create 3D-scans (with existing software) and brief descriptions (in the form of blogs) of selected objects with Greek which belong to the Petrie collection and eventually make them available online. The objects were selected by the tutor of the Beginners Greek course and they have simple writing in Greek with grammatical and syntactical phenomena which can be linked to the language courses currently offered by the Department.

This has been a great opportunity for object-based learning in language teaching. The tutor has arranged for a visit to the Petrie Museum with the teaching assistants and the students of the Beginners Greek class. A curator of the museum has helped the tutor and the students with the handling of the objects and has provided useful information about their dating, the place and the circumstances under which they have been found, etc. She has also informed the students about the latest technology used in the Museum. The tutor has prepared blogs with information about the objects and relevant exercises of grammar and vocabulary and uploaded them on Moodle so that the students could familiarize themselves with the objects in advance.

The material is now available for courses on language and literature of the Ancient World. The Petrie Museum has made these objects available for the general public online. Unfortunately it has been impossible to create new 3D-scans since the main person responsible for their creation has left the Petrie Museum in 2015.

However, objects have been identified and brief descriptions and blogs for the teaching of both terms have been created and have been made available to the students. All information is now on Moodle and the database with the material is ready to be used again this coming September. The material will continue to be used by teacher and students and additions to the web resource will be made. The material will be enriched and integrated into the course. The project has encouraged other language tutors to use artifacts in language learning and the tutors will report about their experiences to the departmental teaching committee.

[posted on behalf of Dr Antony Makrinos]

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