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Archive for February, 2014

Showcase: Chris Dillon

Janina Dewitz28 February 2014

Chris developed a Norwegian language wiki in 2008. It became the largest open source Norwegian language learning resource on the Internet. Its success is what inspired the current Mandarin wiki project:

Bridge to China aims to further the understanding of all aspects of the Chinese speaking world. China here is used in a very wide sense and includes mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore and anywhere else where the Mandarin language is spoken.It gives particular importance to the understanding of the modern Mandarin language.

Meet the “Bridge to China” team:

the team

Chris talked about how the ELDG money enabled him to get the wiki content developed. “Bridge to China” lives at  http://bridgetochina.org.uk and is open to anyone in the world to use.

Chris has previously blogged about his project: