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Showcase: Lynsie Chew and Alan Parkinson

By Janina Dewitz, on 6 January 2014

Lynsie and Alan have been working on glossaries and quizzes for accounting students.

Here is Lynsie with an overview of the project:



Ask the Audience

At the ELDG Showcase event in December we asked the audience a series of randomly drawn questions. We asked, you answered:

Moodle would be so much better if …

  • “it had set-up wizards.”

  • “it wasn’t so cumbersome (small changes take a lot of time) and worked on tablets”

  • audio record and/or video lectures while you are delivering a powerpoint presentation which is uploaded in a moodle page”

  • “it did distance learning easily; did group submissions to turnitin; it did online interactive forms (e.g. peer evaluation) which can be posted as an assignment; if Moodle assignments let you open multiple file submissions (you currently get an error message and have to click onto a file several times to open more than one)”


If you weren’t at the event, add your own answer in the comments below this post.

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