The attar casket of Tipu Sultan – documents

Document 1:

At the taking of Seringapatam in 1799 my Uncle Mr Fraser was present and afterwards appointed Prize Agent to the treasures, jewels, etc there found. This silver coffer was in Tipoo’s own room and with a silken carpet and coral chaplet was sent by HF to his mother at Mt Capper and were by her given to her youngest daughter Charlotte Catherine, From whom the boxe was given to her son J M Heath who wished his youngest cousin H Fraser to have it as a family relic. His surviving sister Isabella A Heath now transfers it to HF as d…
August 11th 1846


Document 2:

Woodfield Cottage, Wells Road, Bath, Oct 18

Dear Henry
I believe you are the discoverer of Hyder’s name on the casket, & of course to an outsider who did not know its history it increases its value as a genuine historic relic. There was an article in a recent no. of ‘The World’ on Mr Lowe, there they spoke of two of the few relics of Tipoo’s time preserved at his house, got by someone who had them at the seige of Seringapatam, one was a small drinking horn or flask of Rhinocerous horn found in his private apartments and both highly valued by their possessors.
With love ever your affect. cousin
Isabella A Heath