Aske Hall Case Study: Chronology


c.1710   Lawrence Dundas born

1738       Married Margaret Bruce, ‘Peggie’

1741       Only child, Thomas  born

1745       Jacobite Rebellion, contracts for supplying the army of Cumberland

1747-48 MP for Linlithgow Burghs, unseated

1749       Buys Kerse, Falkirk in Stirlingshire

1750       Elected to the Society of the Diletantti

1754       Unsuccessfully contests Linlithgow Burghs

1756       Purchased house and lands of Castlecary, Stirlingshire

1756       Seven Years War begins, receives contracts for supplying troups in Germany

1759-62 Buys an estate in Sligo and Roscommon, Ireland for £63,696 and Ballinbreich, Fife for £31,000

1762       Death of Lawrence’s father Thomas Dundas

1762       MP Newcastle under Lyme

1762       Buys Redcar, Marske Hall & Upleatham Hall in County Cleveland

1762       Purchases Clackmannan estate in Scotland for £22,000

1762       Receives baronetcy, Baron Kerse

1763       End of Seven Years War

1763       Buys Moor Park, Hertfordshire for £25,000

1763       Buys 19 Arlington Street, London for £15,000

1763       Buys Aske Hall, Richmond, N.Yorks for £45,000

1764       Buys Loftus Estate, East Cleveland

1764-77    Governor Royal Bank of Scotland

1764       Son Thomas marries Lady Charotte Fitzwilliam, daughter of the 3rd Earl Fitzwilliam.

1766       Purchases earldom estate Orkney &  Lordship of Shetland for £63,000

1768       Purchase Burray and associated lands on other Orkney islands for £16,500.

1768-80   MP for Edinburgh

1768       Buys Burray and associated lands on other Orkney islands for £16,500

1768       Begins development of the port of Grangemouth

1772       Building of Dundas Mansion, Edinburgh begins (architect William Chambers)

1773       Bought Letham from his brother, Thomas

1774       Dundas Mansion in Edinburgh completed

1780-81   MP forRichmond, North Yorkshire

1781       MP for Edinburgh

1781       Sir Lawrence Dundas dies

1784       Moor Park sold without its contents for £25,000

1794       Sale of Moor Park paintings

1794       Lawrence’s son Thomas raised to peerage as Baron Dundas of Aske

1809       Irish estates sold for £177,490

1820       Thomas Dundas dies at Aske

1825       Dundas Mansion sold for £10,000

1892       Upleatham Hall demolished

1935       19 Arlington Street, London sold

1958       Kerse demolished