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Egypt at the Horniman Museum



Only Collections in the Building Podcast 4

Episode 4 –  Missed Translations

From left to right: Maria Christodoulou (podcast producer), Johanna Zetterstrom-Sharp, Heba Abd el Gawad, and Navjot Mangat

Language is particularly important when we are discussing, working with and interpreting collections. The assumption that everybody can engage equally in a language that is not the one they are most comfortable with, is one that reinscribes inequality.

In this episode we will reflect on how difficult it can be to disrupt or challenge English-centred work. Johanna and Heba are in conversation with Navjot Mangat, Senior Curator of Social Practice at the Horniman, who shares his multi-lingual curatorial approach for 茶, चाय, Tea. We also hear from Dr Mariam Aboelezz, Lecturer in Arabic Translation Studies, at the University of Liverpool.

Together we will explore why translation and de-centring of English is important, the structural challenges we have faced in projects that have sought to do this, and what better practice might look like.

Listen here: Stream Episode 4: Missed Translations “Only Collections in the Building” from UCL Institute of Archaeology Podcasts | Listen online for free on SoundCloud