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Education in Conflict and Emergencies



Education in Conflict and Emergencies Seminar Series

Welcome to the Seminar Series on Education in Conflict and Emergencies!

Children’s right to quality education is under threat due to violent conflicts, natural disasters and growing social and economic inequalities in low and middle income countries. Education policies and programming that are designed to address concerns about access, educational resources and pedagogical approaches often fail to address complex political, security and economic challenges that are faced by learners in emergency situations.

This seminar series is designed to create an opportunity for critical debates in the subfield of education, conflict and peacebuilding and promote a critical understanding of the interactions between education, conflict and international development. We focus on theorization of the education and conflict subfield, inequalities and armed conflicts, gender issues in conflict zones, refugee education and the role of education in post-conflict reconstruction and peacebuilding. These events are also linked with the Network for Research in Education, Conflict and Emergencies that brings together academics, practitioners and policy makers who are involved in research, teaching and policy formulation to uphold the right to learn in conflict-affected contexts. The seminar series is an integral part of our ongoing research in this area (e.g. Afghanistan, Lebanon, Nepal and Somaliland) and the Masters course that focuses on Education, Conflict and Fragility.

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Convener: Dr Tejendra Pherali