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Coming soon

Here are our projects which will launch soon:

Parent opinions of radio aid use for babies and toddlers

Hearing aids and cochlear implants work well in quiet situations at a distance of 1-2 metres but they are much less effective in background noise or when the listener is a distance from the speaker. We know that radio aids can help deaf children to hear and communicate better when there is background noise or when they are further away from the speaker. They are often provided for children at school and pre-school but are not usually available for babies and toddlers.

We want to know what parents think about young deaf children having access to a radio aid. There is limited evidence and no guidelines about using radio aid technology with babies and young children under 18 months of age and so services are different for families across the country. We plan to interview parents of deaf children under 4 years old to understand what they know about radio aid technology, how they think it might be useful, and what challenges they think radio aids might bring, particularly thinking about when their child was under 18 months old. We will use this information to let professionals know about the needs of families with young deaf children.

Information about how to take part in this study will be available here shortly.