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The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


Collective reflections about development practice and cities


Laura Colloridi (Barcelona, Spain)

I’m an architect with special interest in socio-environmental issues in developing countries. Living and travelling to the poorest areas of Mexico during my undergraduate degree made me realise that I wanted to work in similar contexts. The MSc ‘Building and Urban Design in Development’ at DPU has been for me the bridge between architecture and the development field. After the broad insight that the DPU gave me, I’ve decided to move to India and to merge theory and practice. Here in Pune I’m continuing my studies (‘Water and Environmental Management’, WEDC, Loughborough University) and working with a NGO called Watershed Organisation Trust (WOTR). With WOTR I’m currently researching the topic of Environmental Health in India and managing a project for the improvement of water, sanitation and solid waste management in rural areas in Maharashtra.
In my blogs I will be writing about environmental issues gathered as part of my research in rural India.