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The Bartlett Development Planning Unit


Collective reflections about development practice and cities


Diana Daste (London, UK)

I am A Colombian political scientist with professional experience on project planning and management, journalism and community development. I Finished a MSc in Social Development Practice at UCL in 2010. My academic experience at the DPU has equipped me with a comprehensive knowledge of the different dimensions of development, pointing out the need to plan, investigate and evaluate different forms of sustainable development while understanding the responses and implications of different paradigms, particularly in the South. I find myself interested in researching how the politics of inclusion and poverty reduction in a globalised system are made operational and impact different social identities.
For this reason, my dissertation proposed key elements to be considered when mainstreaming social inclusion in developmental interventions. I am currently working as a research assistant for the Project entitled: Local governance, mobility and poverty reduction: Lessons from Medellin, Colombia, which aims to evaluate the impact that air Cables as means for public transportation may have in social inclusion, poverty reduction and urban development. Medellin is the case studied.