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The Day of Archaeology 2012

By Lorna-Jane Richardson, on 8 June 2012

The Day of Archaeology 2012 is a crowd-sourced archaeological blogging project, designed to show the world what archaeologists really do.  This year the project will be running on June 29th, and full details about the project can be found through the links on the poster below:

Day of Archaeology Publicity Poster

Day of Archaeology

By Anne Welsh, on 20 April 2011


This is an interview with Lorna Richardson, one of the people behind the first ever Day of Archaeology (29 July 2011).

Lorna is a first year research student at UCL DIS, a member of UCL Centre for Digital Humanities, and an Honorary Research Assistant at UCL Institute of Archaeology.

Hopefully, the Day of Archaeology will grow to be as big as the Day of Digital Humanities, to which several DIS staff and students contributed this year.