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5 Bookish Podcasts

By uczcwtu, on 19 November 2017

I don’t know about you, but I find podcasts are a perfect medium for modern life – often short and snappy, I can listen to them on the tube or whilst doing chores around the house. Here are 5 of my favourite bookish podcasts

1. Reading Glasses

This is without a doubt my favourite bookish podcast. Mallory and Brea are fun, enthusiastic readers who don’t believe in book shame and who talk about a plethora of genres. Their most recent podcast talks about self-help books, and includes a quick review of some bookish perfume! (Interesting!) You can listen more about Reading Glasses here.

2. From the Front Porch

A little podcast by booksellers Chris and Annie, From the Front Porch is a delightful and quick listen about books, being a bookseller, and all things about living in the south of America! Recently they discussed classic novels, and paired them up with modern recommendations. It is definitely worth a listen! There are new episodes every Thursday.

3. What Page Are You On?

This is a much newer podcast by Alice and Bethany, a pair of UK authors who discuss books throughout this often political and insightful podcast. Although there are only 5 episodes out so far, I can definitely see this becoming a firm favourite of mine, as their book tastes are wonderfully similar to my own. What Page Are You On can be found here.

4. What Should I Read Next?

Anne of What Should I Read Next has new guests every week, and together they tackle the age-old question for book lovers – what to read next! I really like that Anne really focuses on each guest, and tailors the interview to each one. No podcast is the same with What Should I Read Next! You can check it out here.

5. Book Riot

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Book Riot, one of my favourite bookish podcasts. Although on the longer side, Book Riot talks about aspects of the book world and community that some of the other podcasts don’t. In their most recent episode they talked about the new Barnes and Noble bookstores, the Harry Potter version of Pokemon GO, and much more. Excitingly, they’ve just started a new podcast called Hey YA which is, you guessed it, about young adult books! This sounds really awesome (no pun intended!)

Do you listen to podcasts? What ones would you recommend? Let us know!

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