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Networking for Introverts – Hack Library School

By uczchum, on 4 December 2014

My nuntitled - by ashraful kadir, Creative Commonsame is Sarah, I’m a part time student on the LIS course and this year I’m one of Hack Library School’s contributing writers.  I’m the first Brit to write for the blog so I’ll be exploring the differences between UK and US library culture and I’ll try to give the US audience a taste of how we do things here! I’ll be linking my posts here when they’re out in the world, roughly once a month.

My first post, Networking for Introverts, went up yesterday. I’m particularly interested in hearing other peoples’ experiences so please do leave a comment if you’ve got any tips!


Image: Used under Creative Commons Licence, (c) ashraful kadir, untitled

2 Responses to “Networking for Introverts – Hack Library School”

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    Tony wrote on 14 December 2014:

    I am looking forward to reading more of your posts as I am very interested in how library culture in the UK is different from the US.
    I am an American, and I spent my formative years in the UK before returning to the US for college.
    Currently, I am applying to MLIS programs in the US for entry in fall, 2015. I am also interested in applying for internships in the UK in the future.
    Will you be applying for US Library internships?

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    uczchum wrote on 17 December 2014:

    Thank you very much, Tony, I’ll try to live up to your expectations! I’m not currently actively looking at US library internships but it’s something I check from time to time. Very much hoping to attend the SLA annual conference at some point in the future at the very least!

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