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Provost announces this year’s teaching awards – using learning technology?

By Matt Jenner, on 8 February 2011

This week the Provost has requested nominations for this year’s teaching awards to ‘recognise those who make an outstanding contribution to teaching at UCL.’ This year there will be ten awards handed out and the winners receive some well-deserved respect for the hard work they put in. The deadline for nominations is 15th March.

But how does this relate to Learning Technology? Well, in addition to the innovative thinking, hard work, extra time, dedication and commitment to excellent teaching at UCL many of the winners from the past years have been leading the way forward by incorporating e-learning or learning technology into the heart of education. Past winners have made particularly good use of technologies such as Moodle or Electronic Voting Handsets and embedded them right into the curriculum.

The Learning Technology Support Service would always welcome anyone from the UCL community to get in touch with us and see how we can work together to try new things, or perhaps even try old things which we know work well – but still might be new to you!



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