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Preparing your Moodle Courses for 2017/18

Janice Kiugu14 September 2017

STAFF – Preparing your Moodle Courses for 2017/18

Many staff have already started preparing their modules on Moodle to try to give students the best possible environment for learning and getting to grips with new material. With the start of term one fast approaching, we wanted to remind all staff of some of the key steps to follow during set-up and review of Moodle modules.  Guidance is provided below for Moodle courses where student activity was completed before the Snapshot was taken on 21st July 2017 as well as for Moodle courses where student activity may have continued beyond this point.

Modules where student activity finished by 21st July 2017 (mainly UG)

  • Student data and assessment from the past year should have been captured in the Moodle 2016/17 Snapshot: https://moodle-snapshot.ucl.ac.uk/16-17/ . You may want to check your modules to confirm that content that should be hidden has been, and any assessment data you may need is available to you.
  • Reset your course in live Moodle to ensure no data or students from the last cohort remains before new students are enrolled – Find out how to reset your course.
  • Make sure to update your content, in particular any assignment submission dates for this year, and that any links are not broken. Find out how to update Moodle Assignments: and Turnitin Assignments.

**If your Turnitin submission inbox does not display the column headings, you may want to clear your web browsers cache and cookies.

  • If required, activate Portico enrolments in your module so that students are automatically enrolled – Find out how to activate Portico enrolments here.
  • Once your course is updated, make sure it is visible by going to the Settings for the course.

Modules where Student activity continues/continued beyond 21st July 2017 (mainly PG)

  • Do not reset your course! – as students have been active after the date of the snapshot and this data will not have been captured elsewhere. Check the Moodle 2016/17 Snapshot version of your course to confirm: https://moodle-snapshot.ucl.ac.uk/16-17 . If you are still unsure get in contact with us using the email below.
  • Request a new course to use for this year’s teaching – include the url of the original course if you require content to be duplicated.