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Moodle course rollover for 2023/24

By Eliot Hoving, on 24 March 2023

Course administrators and tutors will be able to rollover Moodle courses for the 2023/24 academic year from Monday 3rd of April 2023.

Any remaining rollovers for the 2022/23 academic year will need to take place by Friday 31st of March 2023. After this date, course rollovers will generate new courses listed under the 2023/24 academic year on Moodle.

Whilst staff can rollover and start updating their 2023/24 courses, we strongly encourage staff to delay rollover until Moodle has been upgraded in July 2023. This will ensure course teams can see the upgraded Moodle 4.2 with UCL’s new Moodle theme before starting to make any changes to course layout or content. In April 2023, all UCL staff will be given access to a preview of the upgraded Moodle with UCL’s new Moodle theme so they can see how their course is impacted. From the review work and feedback already taken place, it is important to note that impact has been minimal. Delaying rollover also ensures staff can attend Moodle 4.2 training and support sessions that will begin running from June.

Please note that Lecturecast sections for the upcoming academic year will continue to be available as of the 1st of August, after which the new academic year’s sections can be linked to the rolled over Moodle course.

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