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Copy content using the Moodle Sharing Cart

By Eliot Hoving, on 7 February 2023

The Sharing Cart is a new Moodle block that increases the ease and speed of duplicating content between Moodle courses. It is viewable only to course administrators and tutors.

It works by creating a Sharing Cart block on Moodle that works a bit like the shopping cart you find on most e-commerce websites.  Staff can copy content into their own Sharing Cart, storing it there, and then they can copy the content from their Sharing Cart into any Moodle course. Copying content takes just four clicks!

Sharing Cart Block

To copy content into the Sharing Cart block, turn on editing and look for the Sharing Cart icon next to your Moodle sections, activities and resources.

Sharing cart icon

Content copies without user data—similar to the “Import” function on Moodle.  In addition, items can be collected and saved in the Sharing Cart, serving as a personal library of frequently used content ready for duplication.

Please note that Sharing Cart should not be used to share Quiz activities, as copying a quiz can copy the entire Question bank. If you need to copy Moodle Quizzes between courses please speak to IT services.

To learn more see the Sharing Cart Staff guide.


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