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Opinio Decommission

By Tom Walters, on 3 February 2023

Please note that the survey tool Opinio will be decommissioned at UCL on 31st July 2023. We are transitioning to an existing platform Qualtrics XM, which offers a wider variety of features such as offline design and video submissions. Qualtrics XM will be available to all staff and students without the need for an account to be created, whereas Opinio was only available to staff and authorised postgraduate students.

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What do I need to do?

We encourage you to familiarise yourself with Qualtrics XM and other survey tools on our dedicated Sharepoint site: https://liveuclac.sharepoint.com/sites/ISDResearchSurveyTools

Please do not create any new surveys on Opinio that go beyond 31st July, or you will need to end them early and recreate the surveys on an alternative platform. In preparation for the decommissioning, we strongly urge all users to download their survey data as soon as possible and store it locally or on a departmental shared drive. It will not be possible to transfer surveys from Opinio to Qualtrics XM or other platforms, so new surveys need to be created from scratch.

Our annual Opinio usage survey is now closed, but we will not be removing non-respondents before the platform is decommissioned on 31st July. No new Opinio accounts will be created in the meantime.

For training sessions on Microsoft Forms, REDCap and Qualtrics XM please see below:

DSD: Microsoft Forms Demo (being discontinued: last one is on 23 February)

Microsoft Forms Essential Training

Microsoft Forms Quick Tips

DSD: Introduction to REDCap for research

New! DSD: Managing participants in REDCap

New! DSD: User Access and Multiple Instruments in REDCap

New! DSD: Qualtrics tips and tricks

More information will follow on this announcement, in the meantime please contact us at digi-ed@ucl.ac.uk if you have any concerns about the Opinio decommission. For questions about the Qualtrics XM platform, please contact qualtrics@ucl.ac.uk.

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