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New Date manager report in Moodle

By Rod Digges, on 12 August 2021

In response to user feedback a new report called Date manager has been added to Moodle.

Date manager provides the ability to amend the dates and names of Moodle’s most used date-sensitive activities all in one place . Date manager handles:

  • Moodle assignments
  • Turnitin assignments
  • Quizzes
  • Moodle Workshops
The Date manager report can be found under Reports in the administration block of a Moodle course and is  particularly useful for courses that have large numbers of date-sensitive activities.

Using Date manager, course tutors/administrators no longer have to visit each activity’s settings page to make simple date or activity name changes during a course roll-over.

Image showing access to the Date manager report link found in Moodle course's administration menu under Reports

For more information see Date manager’s mini-guide.

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