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What’s new in MyPortfolio

By Aurelie, on 18 June 2021

Our eportfolio system MyPortfolio is powered by the open-source platform Mahara.

On 24 June 2021, we’re upgrading MyPortfolio to Mahara version 21.04. This means we’re bringing you new functionalities and improving features such as accessibility and competency frameworks as well as making MyPortfolio more user-friendly.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of improvements:

Improved portfolio page layout:

    • You can now add any type of content to the page from a click of a button through a placeholder block.
    • You can easily move and resize blocks, at any time, as you add content.
    • You can add instructions to template pages to help learners with structuring their eportfolio pages.

Improvements for assessments:

    • Portfolios can be declared as a template and can have instructions locked as well as a peer-assessment block.
    • Portfolio can have a completion/cover page (using the sign-off block) .

More accessible site with a better look and feel:

    • A new portfolio theme is available.
    • You can now add a feature picture for each portfolio page and collection, which allows you to better navigate your pages.
    • Heading styles are now consistent and accessible.

For more details, you can review the MyPortfolio Mahara Manual.

21.04 Mahara video from https://manual.mahara.org/en/21.04/new.html 

If you have any question regarding setting up eportfolio activities or assessment, don’t hesitate to contact me : a.soulier@ucl.ac.uk .


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