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Further Digital Skills Development dates now available for this term

By Jasmin E Mullings, on 3 November 2020

Signpost with 'Digital Skills' written on itLinks to bookings

Please ensure you are using Desktop@UCL or the UCL VPN when booking.

 What’s on offer

ISD Digital Skills Development has released new dates for the second half of Term 1 to be offered online via Blackboard Collaborate and Microsoft Teams.

We are offering a wide range of courses covering R, Stata, Microsoft Tools (including Forms, OneNote and Sway) and much more. Highlights this term include:

  • Pivot Tables in Excel – Workshop;
  • Vlookup in Excel – Workshop;
  • Getting Started with Markdown.

We are also hosting our usual weekly drop-in sessions remotely via Blackboard Collaborate for those who would like individual support on a specific issue. The dates and times of the sessions, along with the direct Blackboard Collaborate link, are available in our ISD Digital Skills Development Moodle course.

This term, we have also adapted our introductory series of Excel Essential Skills Workshops to a self-paced programme with some interactive sessions. Learn more on the Excel Essential Skills Workshops blog post about the new format.

Joining a course

Please view the current schedule of courses and workshops below. Once you’ve looked at the schedule and chosen the course(s) you want to book, follow the instructions on the How to enrol on courses blog post to book. Please also view the course description carefully to ensure you have all the information, check for any pre-learning (if applicable) and know how to join the live session(s).

As we will use Blackboard Collaborate for many of our sessions, please watch the 10-minute Participant video guide which explains how to use and what to expect from the BB Collaborate platform.

Once you’ve booked on a course, please visit our Digital Skills Development Moodle course to find any course materials and pre-learning (if applicable). As some courses have pre-learning, please ensure you allow yourself enough time to complete this. Please also download any available course materials in advance of the live session.

We will send out the link to join the session the day before (or morning before if it’s a Monday course) but you can also join directly from MyLearning (see blog post for instructions on how to do this).

Also note that we have added an extra 15 minutes to the start time of our courses to allow participants to test out their audio/connection. The actual course will start promptly on the hour (15 minutes after the advertised time).

More digital skills development opportunities…

Learn online with a vast range of high-quality video-based courses from LinkedIn Learning.  These cover technical skills but also business, personal and creative skills as well.  Visit the UCL LinkedIn Learning page to find out more.

DigiLearn Online is a new library of online videos which covers UCL IT essentials. Topics include remote connectivity, data storage essentials, Microsoft Office 365 applications, and much more.

Visit the DigiLearn Online webpage to access the video guides.

Current schedule

09/11/2020 11:45 13:00 Introducing Scratch
09/11/2020 13:45 15:00 Video editing with Adobe Spark
10/11/2020 09:45 11:00 Sway, Microsoft’s modern presentation tool – Demo
10/11/2020 09:45 11:30 Creating accessible PowerPoint presentations
10/11/2020 14:45 16:00 Inspiration: Mind mapping tool – an overview demo
11/11/2020 09:45 11:45 OneNote 2016 – Workshop
11/11/2020 10:45 12:00 Read&Write: Text-to-speech software – an overview
16/11/2020 13:45 15:30 Creating accessible Word documents
17/11/2020 13:45 14:30 Getting Started with Stata (Part 1)
24/11/2020 13:45 14:30 Getting Started with Stata (Part 2)
01/12/2020 13:45 14:30 Getting Started with Stata (Part 3)
08/12/2020 13:45 14:30 Getting Started with Stata (Part 4)
17/11/2020 14:45 16:00 Pivot Tables in Excel – Demo
18/11/2020 13:45 15:00 Excel Worksheet 2 – Review session
19/11/2020 09:45 12:00 Managing Long Documents in Word 2016
19/11/2020 13:45 14:30 An Introduction to R with RStudio (Part 1)
26/11/2020 13:45 14:30 An Introduction to R with RStudio (Part 2)
03/12/2020 13:45 14:30 An Introduction to R with RStudio (Part 3)
10/12/2020 13:45 14:30 An Introduction to R with RStudio (Part 4)
19/11/2020 14:45 16:00 Styles and table of contents in Word – Demo
24/11/2020 09:45 11:00 Microsoft Forms Demo
25/11/2020 09:45 11:00 Microsoft Teams: Communication and collaboration tool overview – demo
26/11/2020 09:45 11:30 Vlookup in Excel – workshop
27/11/2020 09:45 11:45 Pivot Tables in Excel – Workshop
30/11/2020 13:45 15:00 OneNote 2016 Digital notebook overview – Demo
02/12/2020 09:45 12:00 DSD: Blogging with Reflect (WordPress-based) – Workshop
02/12/2020 13:45 15:00 Excel Worksheet 3 – Review session
03/12/2020 09:45 11:30 Microsoft Teams: Document management and collaboration – workshop
03/12/2020 09:45 12:00 Advanced Statistics with Excel 2016
04/12/2020 13:45 15:30 Sway, Microsoft’s modern presentation tool – Workshop
04/12/2020 09:45 10:30 Excel Essential Skills programme (self-paced) – Orientation
08/12/2020 09:45 11:30 Creating accessible Word documents
09/12/2020 10:45 12:00 Microsoft Forms Demo
10/12/2020 09:45 11:30 Creating accessible PowerPoint presentations
10/12/2020 09:45 12:00 Getting Started with Markdown
18/12/2020 13:45 15:00 Excel Worksheet 1 – Review session

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