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Excel Essential Skills Workshops – new format

By Jasmin E Mullings, on 5 October 2020

Our popular series of Excel Essential Skills workshops, which are targeted towards students, took a new approach to learning by presenting you with a problem to be solved and encouraging you to use your prior experience, web searches and in-application help to find a solution to the task. Topics cover creating calculated worksheets, data management and using in-built Excel functions.

This term we have adapted the workshops to make them suitable to be completed remotely while still retaining some interactive sessions.

Anyone who wants to complete the self-paced Excel Essential Skills programme should attend an Orientation session, where the facilitator will introduce the format, guide you to the location of the course materials and point you in the direction of where to find help.

You then complete the worksheets at your own pace, however, if you get stuck on a particular step, you can attend one of our drop-ins for help.

Once you have completed the tasks for a particular worksheet, you can access the ‘worked example’ by marking the tasks as complete in Moodle. You can attend a follow-up Review session where the trainer will go over the tasks and you will have the opportunity ask any further questions.

By the end of each worksheet, you will have improved problem-solving skills, an increased knowledge of the topic, a ‘worked example’ of how you might have completed the worksheet and some resources and guidance for further learning.

To book on an Excel Essential Skills programme (self-paced) – Orientation, please follow the instructions on this blog post.




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